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Simply put, you must wear a hat. It was considered indecent to go about bareheaded. Furthermore, there was a law in effect that every Englishman must wear a wool cap. Of course, we do not insist that you wear wool (see the Survival page). Nevertheless, some sort of headwear you must have.

There are a number of different styles to choose from. The simplest is the Bag or Muffin Cap. This hat can be worn by men and women, and is pretty universal. More difficult to make, but ultimately more dashing, is the Cavalier Hat. My own sense of anachronism forces me to point out that this hat is extremely late-Period, but we fake it because it is so closely associated with swashbuckling adventure. The truly Period version is the Flat Cap, or any number of styles of Tall Hat. You'll also find descriptions of a couple of other types of hat with the Tall Hat.

Women's hats are much the same as men's, except for Ladies, who have some additional styles to choose from. For patterns of a vast array of Ladies' hats, click here. Not all of these are Period, but they are labeled so you can tell which ones are which.


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