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Dragonfly Design Studio


Women Pirates

Booty - Women Pirates - Girl Pirates on the High Seas
Adventurous Lasses
A List of Women Pirates - Real and Legendary
Defiant Women: Pirates


Common Misconceptions

Daily Life

Dangers, Disease...
Historical Money & Prices in the Caribbean
Pirate crew, pirate crews,pirate's crew, pirate captains


...And Discipline

Ships Weapons and Tactics

Strategic Fights
Necessary items...
The Vessels
Pirate weapons, cutlass, dirk, sword, flintlock pistol, blunderbuss, grenadoe, stinkpot, cannon, musketoon pirates, pirates of the caribbean


That Infamous Black Flag
The Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger - Pirates
Reefs, Wrecks and Rascals - Pirate Flags
Historical Pirate Flags


The Most Feared
Captain Thomas Tew's Voyage with the Amity
Teach's Hole Exhibit - Blackbeard History
The UnMuseum - A Pirate Rogue's Gallery
Famous Pirates


The Pirate's Realm - pirate articles, pirate articles of agreement, sign the articles, pirate rules

History of Piracy - Schollarly
Piracy Timeline
Pirates & Privateers the History of Maritime Piracy - The Golden Age of Piracy
Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact and Fiction
Reefs, Wrecks and Rascals - The Golden Age of Piracy
The UnMuseum - Pirates
Thistles & Pirates: Pirates & Privateers - The History of Maritime Piracy
Pirate History 1
Pirates Homepage
Welcome To West Coast
Pyrate Info!
Pirates Site
The Pirate's Realm


Pirate Image Archive
Rick Reeves Golden Age of Piracy
ARTISTAMP Rubber Pirate Art Stamps

Fun and Games What's My Pirate Name (1-3)
What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You? - Quizilla
Skull Maze
Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates: Home
The Pirate's Realm - Pirate Games, Activities...
Pirate Crafts
Sunshine Online - Action Station


The Pirate Game Pirate Glossary
A Pirates First Guide to Vocabulary
Pirate Talk
Ptrate Legends
Pirate talk, pirate phrases, pirate jargon, pirate words, pirate vocabulary, pirate slang, pirate talk,talk like a pirate,pirate lingo, aye matey,shiver me timbers

No Quarter Given pirate magazine
Pirates - links
Central Florida Pirate Festival...Welcome
The Pirate Haus Inn Links Page
Port Royal Trading Co.... Provisions, Plunder & Salvage- Reasonably Priced