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Titles and Forms of Address

Clerical Titles and Forms of Address

Title Address
Pope (Catholic Only) Your Holiness
Cardinal (Catholic Only) Your Eminence
Archbishop Your Grace
Bishop Your Worship
Priest Father

Secular Titles and Forms of Address

Masculine Feminine Address
King Queen Your Majesty
Prince Princess Your Highness
Duke Duchess Your Grace
Marquis Marchioness Your Honor
Earl Countess My Lord/Lady Earl
Viscount Viscountess My Lord/Lady Viscount/Viscountess
Baron Baroness My Lord / Lady
Knight None Sir + Name
Local Gentry Local Gentry Your Worship
Commoner Commoner Master/Mistress
Notes: These tables provide only the basics. The intricacies of courtesy are many and complex, and a great deal of information is available here.