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Pants are generally blousy and seldom fall all the way to the ankle. Most peasant men will wear breeches that gather to the knee, or full-length pants bound around the calves and blousing at the knees. Here is a pattern for standard drawstring breeches.


Gentlemen will often wear fitted breeches or pumpkin pants, which are like breeches but shorter (about the length of modern boxer's), and tights underneath.

Speaking of tights, at no time during this Period were tights worn without pants. This rule gets bent for the tights contest, of course! There is also an earlier style of dress that involves tights worn without pants.

There are several other styles of pants that were worn at the time, and they will be added here as I get good sources for them.

This seems like a good place to address codpieces. The codpiece is the ancestor of the modern fly. They range from purely functional flaps, to elaborately padded and decorated compensatory devices. I favor the flap, myself, but you need to suit your character.


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