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A fool named Jacky Tappet makes a presentation before the Queen and her court. His doublet is of a late medieval style, with hanging sleeves and long bases, or skirting. This is fitting for a jester, especially when mixed with the more modern breeches.

Behind him and to the left are two ladies in waiting. Their elaborate gowns are typical of the late Sixteenth-Century. Note especially the ruffs at the neck and wrists. The lady on the right, the Countess Sussex, is wearing a tall hat.

On the right-hand side of the picture we see two courtiers. Both are dressed in doublets, shirts, and breeches. In yellow, the Earl of Essex is actually wearing pumpkin pants with tall boots instead of regular breeches and stockings. He also wears a tall hat, while his companion wears a rather fashion-forward cavalier hat.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, directly to the right of Master Tappet we see Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, seated on her throne. Her Grace is distinguished by her Crown, of course, but also by her standing ruff, a feature in nearly every portrait.

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